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At Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment we curate a unique collection of art not seen anywhere else. Our seven galleries change every few weeks to showcase traditional disciplines like painting and sculpture as well as non-traditional art. When our galleries change out, we throw a party! Every gallery rotation features Open Studio Night, a chance for you to meet the artist and see their work in the galleries. Our Lowe Mill A&E artists and makers are also available for you to visit in their studios on Open Studio Night. We welcome all people to explore and experience art, creativity, and our shared community in our repurposed textile mill.

may 29 - July 27, 2024

Galleries Open Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm


Coming Soon...

The Art of Resistance

July 31 - September 28
Third Floor East Gallery

J. R. from Waverly – Future Primitive

July 31 - September 28
North Floor Gallery

Ahmad Austin – Enjoy Life

July 31 - September 28
Second Floor Connector Gallery

Roxie Veasey – One Clover and a Bee

July 31 - September 28
First Floor Ramp Gallery

Susan Shoemaker – The WTF Show! Recent work & WTF animal facts

July 31 - September 28
Third Floor West Gallery

Kathryn Jill Johnson – “Did Your Mother Work at the Castle?”

July 31 - September 28
First Floor Main Gallery

Kimberley A Brown and Jess Braden – Laboring in/to Obscurity

July 31 - September 28
First Floor West Gallery