Hi! I’m Tara, and I have been an artist all my life, from a photography business, quilting and crocheting to watercolors. I enjoy creating something out of nothing. This may also be why I have been the forever DM with multiple homebrew worlds for going on 15 years! (It’s no wonder I love dice!) After starting my own collection in 2009, I finally decided to hop on board the artisan wagon, and give it a go myself.

The term “Nerdzilly” also was populated in a very nerdy way … using AI. Outside of my artistic creations, I have a business analytics degree and love machine learning. So, when it came time to naming a dice making business, I turned to AI with keywords and limits in order to populate something random and … well … silly! And it worked! Nerdzilly was born! The name Nerdzilly encompasses all of me as a person and my values. I am a total nerd and embrace it wholeheartedly, I love D&D, I don’t take life too seriously, and I believe kindness above all else.

All dice are hand-crafted by myself with much love and creativity. Dice making allows my logical nerd side and creative nerd side to crash into … art! I am always trying to set the bar for myself higher and higher. As a DM, I have quite the imagination and am always sparking new ideas to go along with characters or themes surrounding Dungeons & Dragons. Nerdzilly is a product of love from years of rolling at my own tables with friends and collecting every shiny in sight. Now, if I can simply decide which sets to actually roll with!