Stephanie Weaver is an oil painter. Really, she is much more than an oil painter. Weaver is a painter, teacher, author and animal lover. Weaver specializes in creating animal-themed artwork and artist apparel. With over 100 original oil paintings in Weaver’s studio at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment there is plenty to see!

Stephanie Weaver came to Lowe Mill A&E to surround herself with fellow creatives.”I believe where creativity lives is where creativity will thrive. I have felt, first hand, that my ideas of vibrant animals taking on unabashed, human-like characteristics are admired and loved here,” says Weaver.

“The people at Lowe Mill and who come to Lowe Mill A&E are looking for like minds and appreciate the minds that are different from theirs. We all have a creative edge to us, and we often feel like we don’t fit…here, at Lowe Mill, we fit. Here, at Lowe Mill, we thrive.”

Stop in Studio 270 at Lowe Mill A&E and see Stephanie Weaver’s art and mingle with the animals.