Bookbinding, Printmaking

Renee Lowder, an accomplished printmaker and book arts instructor, has been making her mark at
Pyewacket Press located in studio 326 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. Stepping into Lowder’s vibrant studio, one is immediately captivated by the abundance of meticulously crafted handmade books and journals, each adorned with original designs.

For Lowder, the process of creating art is a deeply contemplative one, especially with printmaking. It all begins with the seed of an idea, as she ponders what message or emotion she wishes to convey. Nature, animals, and the vastness of the sea serve as constant sources of inspiration, alongside her affinity for whimsical and offbeat themes. Drawing from her own collection of photographs and encounters with the natural world, Lowder allows these images and experiences to percolate within her mind until a unique concept takes shape.

Not content with keeping her craft to herself, Lowder generously imparts her knowledge and passion to others. Through her studio, she offers a range of classes in printmaking and book arts, inviting aspiring artists and enthusiasts alike to discover the joy of these creative disciplines.