Fashion, Painting, Textile

Lightning and Lace is a cosplay and prop resource located in Studio 1038 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. Lightning and Lace provide cosplayers and costumers with quality items that can fill a variety of needs.

Lightning and Lace is run by Emmie Mayne, an industrial design graduate of Auburn University. She focuses on bridging new technologies with traditional handcrafts with the use of laser cutting, 3D printing, sewing, embroidery and more in her work.

Mayne, owner of Lightning and Lace, offers a range of beautifully designed and crafted jewelry, charms, mugs, and cases. She has an extensive studio space and a strong background in industrial design which she uses to create these laser-cut. resin casted, and dye-sublimated products. Lightning and Lace offers 3D printing, sewing, and laser-cutting to clients.