Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is more than a place where our artists create beautiful artwork, it’s a place you become part of the creative process. One Lowe Mill A&E artist who personifies the experiential nature of Lowe Mill A&E is our own Julie Crews. Crews, with her fun-loving personality, enjoys it when folks want to watch her paint and ask her questions about her creative process while seeing glimpses of her personal life.

“There is irony in my studio practice. I hope I give the viewer of my oil paintings a remote glimpse into my personal life. My work concentrates on the very scenes of domestic life that take me away from the studio and is intensely personal,” says Crews.

“I escape certain domestic tethers while at the easel, yet there remains before me the scenery of my life: the roads I continuously taxi, shopping at secondhand stores for five children, views of the backyard and of public spaces we visit. Somehow this oscillation yields a stabilizing effect on me and my work. How areas of the home are treated, the traffic and landscapes encountered while running errands, and the moods of people engaged in banal tasks influence my life, and therefore, art.”

Crews grew up in Asheville, North Carolina and Southern California. Currently, she lives in Huntsville with her husband and five children. Julie also frequently gets her left and right mixed up, but has a really good sense of direction. Julie Crews knows where home is. Home is where the heart is.

If Julie Crews isn’t in her studio, there is a good chance she is on her roller skates visiting other artists and she’ll be right back. But if she is in her studio, stop in and say hello and see what she is working on, you might get a glimpse of her personal life and learn something unexpected!