“America, the land that I live in, struck many foreigners as tall, massive New York skyscrapers, or the busy city life shown in the Hollywood movies. I once had a similar thought of this country before I immigrated to the States. But, the more I got familiar with the American culture, the more confident I became that every statue has its own beauty. Here in Alabama, there are some unique attractions that other states cannot imitate, such as peaceful environments with beautiful nature and friendly people with good manners under a spirit of ‘Southern hospitality.’ That influenced me to grab a camera and pursue the passion of keeping the records of what I see and feel through the everyday life. Everything is changing with no exceptions. All things that have life are changing and the things that never change are nonliving. Here, the town I’ve been living in for 7 years also has changed, little by little, even though I hardly recognize it. That is the reason why I want to resume my life as a photographer. Before vanishing without a trace, before losing our time in history, I am eager to keep our town and the community in the records. And after many years, our children will see what our life looking like and what we tried to keep for them.”