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Jeff Irons had his first taste of whiskey when he was eighteen years old and tried his first homemade whiskey in college. Now, after 40 years of perfecting his taste, Jeff has made a name for himself in North Alabama for his fantastic bourbon whiskey, selling out almost immediately after a new batch is announced. In 2018. Irons One Distillery received a double gold medal by “The Fifty Best” for its bourbon whiskey, making it just one of six bourbons in the country to receive the highest recognition possible.

“Because I keep each batch small and tend every one personally, I can ensure the strict distilling of my unique recipe, that results in a whiskey that is superior in smoothness, flavor, and drinkability. I believe my one of a kind approach creates a damn fine whiskey. Irons ONE is not for those that think whiskey that burns is the way you should drink it. Irons ONE is the single-hand crafted whiskey for people that like to taste and savor a rich, smooth flavor, and drink it neat with a little water, or on ice, without mixers.”