Fashion, Graphic Design, Independent Business

Hadley Russ, owner of Huntsvillustrated, had been a freelance T-Shirt designer for many years before she visited Lowe Mill for the first time shortly after moving to Huntsville. Lowe Mill quickly became Russ’ "happy place" and she felt incredibly fortunate to connect with a group of like-minded artists and individuals who had the same thought: "We need a screen printer at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment!”

Russ opened Huntsvillustrated in Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment’s North Wing Studio 1019 in 2022. Huntsvillustrated is a manual screen printing shop with two parts: A retail section and a custom print services.

The retail section is focused on anything and everything "Huntsvillle" and showcases our design skills and print quality. Huntsvillustrated’s retail section is where we experiment with new print techniques and celebrate our favorite city: The landmarks, the communities, the inside jokes. We also have a lot of Lowe Mill stuff and carry "official" merch!

Huntsvillustrated also offers custom screen printing services to those who are looking for projects that might be hard to accomplish at other shops - whether that be unique print locations, specialty inks, nontraditional techniques...and of course, excellent designs!

Huntsvillustrated is a small team of artists and printmakers; there's about half a dozen in the studio regularly, but tenants are always invited to hop on the press!

“Lowe Mill is a place unlike any other!” said Russ. “I cannot put into words how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing community. This building is a constant source of knowledge, inspiration, and support. I have made lifelong friends here doing what I love: Creating T-shirts! How cool is that?”