Samantha Tallichet’s artwork investigates topics that center around the concept of femininity, such as the relation to nature or how women are represented across different forms of media. Tallichet does this through narrative and figurative painting stylized after historic and traditional artworks.

Tallicaet aims to present a new interpretation of outdated ideals surrounding women in art, forming a modern commentary that contradicts Eurocentric beauty standards of the past. Tallichet works from a variety of sources; the subjects of my art include strangers, friends, and herself. This allows for a focus on embracing a variety of personalities, physical features, and body types. Tallichet’s figurative pieces show women in positive and empowering ways by celebrating the strength and beauty of the female form.

As a mixed media and multidisciplinary artist, Tallichet enjoys incorporating a variety of materials and techniques in my art making. Tallichet uses oil paint, acrylic paint, found objects, thread, charcoal, and collage to create multilayered pieces. This allows her to build an interesting physical aspect for the work. Following traditional approaches to paintings, most of Tallichet’s figures are painted in oil.