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UNA Sculpture Students – Reconstructed


May 29 - July 27

Second Floor Connector Gallery

This exhibition round includes works provided by UNA Sculpture Students which will be on view in the Second Floor Connector Gallery from May 29 – July 27, 2024.  Lowe Mill A&E invites patrons and art lovers to join us for Open Studio Night, a building-wide experience when our over 150 studios will be open to the public.  The evening also includes receptions for all seven of our gallery spaces. This series gives the public a chance to meet and interact with visiting artists and discuss their work as it is on display and available for purchase. Come out, enjoy a pleasant evening, and maybe you’ll find that special piece of art that speaks to you!  The Open Studio Night reception is Saturday, July 27 from 5-7 pm.


About the exhibit:

Reconstructed is a compilation of sculptural work from students at the University of North Alabama.  This body of work explores the way we rebuild existing stories, memories, and experiences in three dimensional forms in order to offer a new dialogue in our current space.  


Artists Represented:

Mia Marie Frederick was born and raised in Florence, AL. She is currently a junior at the University of North Alabama majoring in Interior Architecture and Design, with a minor in Art. Common themes within her work include natural and organic influences and the lines and shapes that surround us daily. 

Zakai C. Mullins attends the University of North Alabama, in Florence, Alabama. Her major is focused on General Arts, but as an artist, my interest lies in 2D work and 3D sculptures. The artwork presented before you is titled “Nesting.” This signifies a warm and safe environment a mother bird would create for her eggs. The importance of this piece was to bring comfort and love towards the viewers

Andru Kmetz is from Hobart, Indiana which is Northwest Indiana near Chicago. He is currently a sophomore at the University of North Alabama pursuing a BFA in Art with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Geology. Andru’s interest lies in how something that is used in everyday life can be manipulated and transformed into a whole new object with a whole function. 

Skylar Livermore is originally from Lacy, WA and moved to Madison AL in 2016. She is a sophomore at The Univerisity of North Alabama, majoring in Graphic Design. Skylar likes her work to have the feeling of being handmade. Whether hand stitching or using scraps of fabric in some of my sculptures, my material choices and methods are based on this attention to the hand of the artist. 

Nate Husser is a senior at the University of North Alabama, hailing from Madison, Alabama. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Sculpture. Nate’s passion for art lies in creating three-dimensional objects and conceptual sculptures. He works with the ideas of identity, preservation, and memory. Nate’s aim is to convey the relationship between tangible materials and abstract concepts through sculpture.

Justin Wells is a senior at the University of North Alabama and lives in Lexington, Alabama. Justin is pursuing a BFA in Digital Media but I am passionate about 3D art. He draws inspiration from mathematical and scientific concepts. Justin’s work embodies clean, minimalistic aesthetics, reflecting his fascination with the intersection of art and science. Through his creations, he wants to create a sense of order and harmony while exploring the complexities of mathematical and scientific concepts.





To find the the gallery in Lowe Mill A&E, click MORE INFO below (Tickets are NOT required.)