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Mr. Bunny’s Surprise: A Magical Marionette Film Screening

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May 25

The Studio Theatre | Studio 265 | Theatre Huntsville

Let Missy Richey Studio 109 and Liza Richey Studio 114 and the Studio Theatre within the walls of charming Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment guide you into the captivating realm of “Mr. Bunny’s Surprise: A Magical Marionette Film Screening:”  a wondrous collaboration between this amazing mother daughter duo. Embark on a heartwarming odyssey into a world of fantasy and wonder, nestled amidst the whimsical charm of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

This extraordinary event unveils an amateur film featuring enchanting marionettes from the magical 1960s, alongside puppets meticulously crafted by Missy Richey, the visionary architect of this cinematic experience. Immerse yourself in an ethereal narrative akin to a fairy tale, exciting audiences of all ages and those young at heart alike.

“Mr. Bunny’s Surprise” beckons you to rediscover the allure of marionettes on the silver screen, heralding the artistry and magic of puppetry. Within this endearing chronicle, Mr. Bunny finds himself amid a whirlwind of preparations for the grand spring festival, yet an enigmatic ally lends a helping hand, weaving an aura of intrigue and eager anticipation. Who might this enigmatic figure be? Join us as we unveil the delightful mysteries that lie in store!

Mr. Bunny’s Surprise: A Magical Marionette Film Screening

May 25 @ 11:30am & 7pm

Missy Richey | Studio 109 | Studio Theater

Liza Richey | Studio 114 | Studio Theatre

$8 Youth Tickets

$16 Adult Tickets

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