Cheryl Busick found her way to Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment by way of art classes. Busick had started printmaking, but needed some guidance. A Lowe Mill A&E printmaker was offering printmaking class and she signed up. “I had started printing on my own. I loved to draw and I got into children’s book illustration. Through that I learned to reproduce my work,” said Busick.

When asked to describe her work Busick says, “ Illustrative, I like a story.” She continues, “I like them to tell a story.It doesn’t matter if you get the right story but it conveys some message. Each print tells a story in and of itself. Hopefully it’s a different way of looking at a story you might already know.”

Busick likes relief printing the most. “I like relief printing the most,” Busick says. “Wood and lino carving. The easiest for me is the carving, it’s purely therapeutic. etching and engraving are my favorite effects. They give a really beautiful, almost ethereal kind of effect. They are my favorite result but the relief print is my favorite thing to do.”

Busic recently moved into Studio 315 at Lowe Mill A&E and her favorite part of Lowe Mill A&E is the people. “My favorite thing about Lowe Mill are the people, said Busick. “The tenants have been amazing. They have been helpful and encouraging. It’s really been a nice journey.”