“My work has grown into an amalgamation of experimentation with hand-building and wheel-throwing. My loose sculpting style allows for much improvisation as I work. I start with a general concept, but let textures, fluid motion, and composition happen as the piece is developed. My imagery is based on childhood fears, looming darkness and the emergence of light, death, and beauty. My sculpting is organic and often times comical. I use unusual texture and odd facial expressions to elicit response from the viewer. My colors are meant to evoke a hand painted feel and all pieces are under-glazed and glazed. My colorful sculptures are an earthenware white clay body that is like a three-dimensional sheet of paper after bisque firing. I use comical and whimsical elements along with bright colors to juxtapose the sometimes creepy nature of my work. I like to work large sculpturally and this work is highly influenced by nature, pop culture, special effects techniques, movement, and primitive ceramic styles. I also use the wheel as a jumping point for functional pottery. My creature bowls and my pop culture shot glasses are food safe wheel thrown, hand-trimmed and individually sculpted before bisque firing and glazing.”